Another Book of Judgement MMXII

Before me more false people, priests and corrupt clergy, lo false knighthoods! Your wickedness and your petitions have reached me and are your tickets to the gates of hell. 

Be gone from me and from this world you wicked generation of fools who also say you are mystics and believing in God you call yourselves atheists!

I have strived with you, but the world cannot support your wicked plans. 

Have I not told you that you cannot serve both good and evil.? Surely I say to you not one shall be left who conspires against the goodness of life and the goodness of God.    

Once you called yourselves Kings and Priests, but your tower and your babel no more serve the wickedness they once did and it failed to save the world. 

Even today you fail to stop and end your own sorrow for wanting to possess what is not yours, for wanting justice that belongs to God,  for wanting to destroy your brothers and sisters. 

Your end is just. 

Be gone from me you workers of iniquity for you shall lie in the bed of your own afflictions and perish for your wicked plans and in your end you shall have no joy. 

Let all men and women bear witness today that even atheist who conspires to evil are judged for their sins too are as murderous as their mystic lovers.  

Behold, daily I set before you life and death that you might see the errors of your ways. Sin not and repent! and live a life worthy of a good man or woman that others might not see your shame.  

Eternity’s Quill before the Sword Oil on Canvass – paintings of Nova Espana or Mexico – Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Pintura Oleo Sobre Lienzo Miguel Cabrera, 1750

The prose by JCAngelcraft uses occasional Latin words e.g. demens which means insane and Lymphaticus which means brainsick.

Another Carmina Burana by JCAngelcraft

Part I

On your knees foolish men you who accuse women without reason, without seeing that you are the occasion of the same thing that you blame. If with unequaled desire you request their disdain, why do you even care for them to labor well, if you incite them to evil?

You pretend to resist evil and neither awkwardness or reason want the boldness of your delirium that puts a child to learning only to make him your slave and her your sacrifice.

With foolish presumptions you live confused lives and now you want what you cannot find so you pretended. You pretend to make others to believe it is so. You play games with the minds and the hearts of men and women and you dare to call yourselves mystics and priests?

You are devils.

What reason can be more destructful than the one that lacks the advice of wisdom? As men your reflection tarnishes the mirror confirming your falseness and your prayers are but an illusion and a measure of the treachery that lives in your hearts.

With both fervor and disdain you have the same condition as demons and there is no helping you lest you truly seek the path of suffering of our Father who knows you not but as men lost in the labyrinth of their own lies a place made by you and from which you cannot escape

Querulosi. Complainers you are.

You shout as if you have been wronged and if treated well, you say your are being mocked and patronized by those who want you well.

You are not men and neither servants and less priests of the most High.

You are wizards, charlatans and chameleons who have lost all reason and look only to hurt the children and pretend to Holiness.

You are demens and without balance. Lymphaticus.

With unequal level you lay blame saying others are cruel and evil like yourselves when childless women would accuse you of not returning their children.
As it must be I deny you now your children acolytes who you say serve at the altar and your sinful souls complain as if faultless. You tell me to submit? Have thy created bread that I should kneel to you? Can you make water from nothing? I beg the almighty to excuse me of your presence.

I am between anger and grief and my mercy is exhausted and your complaints have made mine heart numb having no foresight of the harm you have brung others. May your words of sorrow dissipate back into the den of sin that is your life.

You consult with demons and you make false spirits and my words of peace are of no condolence to your dementia and they give your lovers sorrow.

Prohibere. Stop!

Cut off your speech and your talk of freedoms and liberties. You have created monsters like yourselves and only after making them bad that you wish them now be very good.

Prohibere! Stop!

And let the children rest and world rest from your false religion.

Senties dolorem! Feel grief! …you men without conscience.  

Repent! for you cannot bring them back that your priesthood has sacrificed to Satan.

Quod satis est! Enough!

Stop with your sorcery and your arguments! Exists on your knees instead of in your secret places where you exalt in your sins and freedoms which keep others your slaves.

What greater fault exists in a wrong passion? The failure to pray? Or the prayers of the fallen?

And to speak of the sinner which one is more to blame although anyone wrong do, the one who sins for pay? or the one who pays to sin?

You should be scared of the guilt you have. Will you with more reason accuse me for which I will go to pray?

With all diligence and at arms do I pray against your arrogance knowing you may not receive this letter. So then reunite with nothingness for in Heaven like on Earth I know I shall see you not.

End of Another Carmina Burana part I

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