God exists for times like today

In so many things do I absorb your guilt when it is placed upon me. At times I do not always feel the way that I would like.  Because of the problems this world, I some times feel very alone with only my Holy Spirit to rely upon. How we make each other feel is so very important to our spiritual condition. Take time every day to help make some one feel good about themselves and forget about the problems that I face every day that make me feel bad. 

Remember that what makes me feel bad you have yet to go through if you have not gone through it already.  

Remember that God exists for times like today when in the midst of a hurried pace in our lives we awaken to the most troubling of news that our world is not the world we believed it to be.

Each one of us at different times comes to this realization.   

Those who today trouble you with false news have witnessed a great justice against their members and still they persists and believe they can win so how can I trust them? 

To show them power safely, God could miraculously transport these worshippers of masons to the moon or even mars for one day in a biodome and when they returned they would swear to you it never happened.  They could witness God cure the sick and perform many miracles and they would not broadcast the news because it might give people too much hope.  

 By our trust we have earned the wages of disappointment. 

Having witnessed great Justice instead of warning us todays media terrosists continue with ”false control”news.

Even while witnessing the hand of God upon this earth giving us great justice, even watching their numbers decline dramatically every day these last 7 years around the world, these media terrorists take up the banner of lies and flag of lies of their fallen to soldiers and continue to lies and attempt to control us falsely.     

How then can anything good be expected from such people?

These media terrorist are like spoiled children who if they cannot control the world like children they would destroy it. 

Before their hands were constrained by the power of God we did suffer many massacres of human life inside and outside of war.   

And in the aftermath of this great holocaust of death by the international fraternal secret society of wizards known as masons who by omissions, their lies, their murders and their craft deceived the world, I am without words as to why there is still so much bad media around. 

We need more justice and more justice we will have. 

For many people this experience of waking up to the real world and to the viable existence of God is something that each person needs to work out with someone who knows whats going on. 

People bearing false witness in the news and about the news is perhaps the greatest problem we have now.

Many people need to catch up with what has been happening these last seven years.  Then are many people who do know whats going on and no one is an expert who tells you they are an expert only to whisk you away to another ”control area” where I do not exist.  

They,  todays ever changing international terrorists,  try to make things look normal.    Yet you would not know it if I and others have not been so persistent in telling you that things are not normal.

The fact remains that no one militant of this group will I allow to persist and bother you forever and it is my desire that your lives be clean and free from any guilt you may have from trusting this murderous group of men and those who knowingly supported their murderous secret society. 

 Be at peace for I am at peace and keep up with my writings and enjoy your life.   

Only for bad people is it the end of the world.  For the rest of us the world is just beginning again and its nice to be part of the great change that God’s precious tender Holy Spirit is giving us at this time.  

In my presence and in my absence, make sure to always keep your militaries and police clean and free of all clandestine occult activities and occult practices and from being directed or controlled by mason high priests,

In my presence and in my absence use the police and the military to police themselves and society and teach them how to deal with ”mason types” men and people who feel that they are above the law. 

These men and people feel no guilt over killing.  They have no conscience.

Always have a plan to educate the police and the public about the crimes of masonry and always keep your nation aware of similar incursions into society as well as business and politics.

In a corrupt society hell on earth is only a few votes away.   

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft Dominus Dominorum est et rexregum et reginarum



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