Glad is the heart who prays to God and is not double minded

Judicium Interpellatio – Glad is the heart who prays to God and is not double minded,  Peace is their crown and busy are their days.  Glad is the soul who thinks deeply who feel inside their deepest most innermost parts about what matters more and who works and strives daily to do the right thing.   

Life is simple and good for those who are not anxious or covetous for wealth. 

Become a doctor that you might be rich and forget about the mason way. 

Become a doctor that you might become wise and confident about yourself anxious for nothing but a chance to serve.

Those who wish to be served, must know how to serve. 

Those who wish to lead, must know how to follow Christ our advocate to the Holy Spirit. 

Let me see, let me see

  Gone is the day of the easy of score the heist of the politician on the people.

Gone are all the illusions of masonry.  

Gone are the days of death that masons charged in return for their protection. 

Be not sorrowful over the men of masonry but rejoice for each new baby that is born in to a world free of these men. 

Honor no man above God whose glory and power men couvet. 

Honor no one above the promise of perfection through God’s precious tender Holy Spirit for those willing to tread the path of excellence in all things.  

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft Dominus Dominorum est et rexregum et reginarum




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