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”And many mothers and fathers know this feeling of both the loss of a daughter and the gaining of a son through marriage” – JC Angelcraft

We do evolve spiritually our life force or our souls put on new garments and take off old garments. 

This means we take on different appearence when we are born again. 

This means we are not always black.  We are not always white.  But what we invest emotionally educationally and spiritually to our souls is never lost and we continue to think and continue learn after we die.    

Every step of our spiritual evolution is a precarious step, a cautionary step, approached with first a regard for peace and if not peace then approached with fear a different form of respect and wisdom

If we can not respect God, we should fear God less our reincarnations run out on us by our own actions.

We doom and we damn ourselves by wrong actions and what is supposed to be our eternal never ending wheel of life comes to a halt and the record of all our lives held in the halls of  the memory of God become the abyss of our own making from which their is no escape. 

Belief in Reincarnation opens the heart and the mind to great truths and to understanding of some very difficult questions about God, Adam and Eve and even our beliefs in our own soul mates, beliefs many people hold dear.

When thinking about remarriage, I daily think of Eve the spirit of woman my first love on this earth my first wife who together we have a secret arrangement that when we are not with each other, we must look for each other in the eyes of those who we marry so that way we can always be together and our lives will be always as one and  that way nothing can ever separate us not even mortal death.


And through this  our eternal courtship and marriage goes on forever without being tainted by the accusations of fallen angels.

This way  Eve and I can take care of each other and of  the needs of our spouses who we marry in each of our lives without infringing on their personal lives, causing them to grow and mature spiritually which in an apart from themselves or previous relationships that they have had and all our spouses that Eve and I have ever married through time will always be a part of us like a soul mate, but soul mates  who can never separate us from God our Holy Spirit each other and our duty to live on this earth in the spirit and the flesh providing educational, moral and spiritual support and relief – especially after the world has gone bad by the governance of fallen men given to darkness and dark murderous political religions.

And when we marry meaning you also, it is possible that we are marrying our children from a past life

There is always for a reason for this and there is always something to learn from each relationship we have in the present.

Only God knows of our pasts what marriage and even what marriage & divorce is going to produce for both parties in the exercises that are our relationships journeys that last a life time.    

As we mature in our relationships  when we grow up, it is not always perfect sometimes and more times than not these last years many of us have had im-perfect marriages.

Santa Monica took 17 years to convert her pagan husband, but she succeeded in both converting him and her son Saint Augustine to the Coptic Church the original catholic Church before it was even formed. 

The beauty of reincarnation is that my next wife could even give birth to a girl and that girl could very well be the spirit of woman who I would have to raise as my daughter and one day suffer having to giver her away in marriage to the best of my sons. 

And many mothers and fathers know this feeling of both the loss of a daughter and the gaining of a son through marriage

This is how things work and the pain fathers feel when giving away their daughters is my pain.  And the suffering Mothers feel when losing sons and daughter is quite the same.

The cycle of life in reincarnation is giving birth to each other through history and you take turns at being sons and daughters of your mothers and fathers and fathers Mothers to the souls that were once your parents never knowing always that you are sometimes taking care of those who took care of you.

And like that so do Eve and I take turns at being a father and a mother to each other being jealous for our children’s safety and welfare and controlling our jealousy for our children and for each other for what matters most is the greater work and ministry of our Holy Spirit requires us to the  higher ideals of care and concern for the healing of the human condition as expressed in angels of heaven the mortal Human race the children who need us to remind them how to work, how to act and how to follow God through works and acts of reform healing and kindness when the earth has been overcome by fallen angels or in this case the white supremacists.

When I have to raise Eve the spirit of women and watch her grow up and marry (which is why many women say I someday want to mary) so they to can be with a father figure.

I suffer the Spirit of woman so much in her absence after I find her in each of her incarnations,  but in the eyes of my wife or even wives or even my lovers before I marry,  she never leaves me or forsakes me and who we marry apart from each other does not matter to us because through the eyes of our spouses we see each other and because we are always before our Holy Spirit we are always together,and always seeing in our marriages the eyes of each other so we are never apart and so we never feel alone and ministered to by our angels and the Holy Spirit should we ever have any moments of depression caused by a momentary lapse of forgettance of who we really are and how specials our souls were made to be able to help the angels prosper and thrive and lives in peace on the earth.  

And because of male Homosexuality and the working of iniquity the God Father and I are one and for those do not believe in this, nobody can pray or come to the Father but by me for I and the Father are One and there is nothing sexual between us for as the Holy Spirit Father to me as he raised he taught me

”Mankind shall Not Lay with Mankind.”

There is no act is greater than to love and forgive someone who has hurt you and not forgiven you. This is why everyone needs God for all have sinned against God and fallen short of the Glory of God for whom there is no act he cannot forgive.

Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Agnvs Khan V  Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Primotenivs Filvs Dei Homonis Espiritus Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft  In session: Today is December 2017 – Happy Holidays from JC Angelcraft ..with you always – Mother and Son, Father and Daughter or Husband and Wife, together or seperate in twe are with you always

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