Book of Judgments – Judicium Interpellatio Book 34 written with all hope and with all prayer for the safety and protection of all the world of which I am charged to judge


everything begins at JC Angelcraft ….everything begins at Jesus Christ


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01. Ave Verum Corpus – Words of Encouragement:
02. Sport is not a Hobby its a passion and to have competed at any level to win championships as an individual or as a team that is something no one can ever take away from you and though your trophies may rust or break or get lost in the shuffle of a hurried life – the champion always remains a champion and unbreakable despite not always winning in the next season.
03. And even though you may not have ever won a championship or feel less than a champion – remember that it takes the heart of a warrior and a champion to even walk into an arena of competition in sport or business
04. And its takes courage to speak the truth even if it leads to your humiliation – your emotional and physical suffering and even your death all that are events that can be healed in your life by love for when you are surrounded by love all memory of pain goes away – JC Angelcraft




Book of Judgments – Judicium Interpellatio Book 34 written with all hope and with all prayer for the safety and protection of all the world of which I am charged to judge

00. Ave Verum Corpus –  a Body of Evidence, a Body of Truth and a Body of Works Miracles Signs and Wonders to bring hope to the angels and to arouse them towards repentance and Holiness and personal unique commitment towards the restoration of their faith and their lives.

o1 Shalom – The Gnosis of Champions is not regulated only to sport but applies to business and career minded people as well who make sure that with the grace and help of Our precious Holy Spirit Who has no name yet is Mother and Father to us all that Sport is made safe and free of open or masked terrorism the kind and the like of what happened in Munich Germany in the 1972 Olympic Games when Mason’s controlled the World and Olympic security and allowed and facilitated the slaughter of the Entire Israeli Olympic Wrestling team may peace be upon them and their families.

02 Enjoy The Gnosis of Champions in our efforts to save the music of Our precious Holy Spirit Who has no name yet is Mother and Father to us all for all good music comes from the Holy Spirit unto the hands of men and women who out of bed and before their instruments compose sacred music that who must detach themselves from their sexual way of life to complete the opus in all purity  and as entertainers have nothing to do with the security of this world and should not be classified by their associations past or present with long since dead or imprisoned murderous mason lawyers and mason leaders that they had not choice but to do business with them in the past having no leverage or knowledge of the collective evil that they to deal with who waged war on Israel and Palestine both and enslaved and murdered the angels of the world for many years.

03 Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S. la renaissance de Jesus Christ Adagio 1st Nom de Plume JC Angelcraft The son of Our precious Holy Spirit Who has no name yet is Mother and Father to us all The Ruler of My Innermost Parts the Knower of the evil heart and bestower of freedom and the power to heal even by reincarnation into animal energy and absolve and the sovereignty to allow you to destroy yourselves as conscious living souls of your own free will by working against good government, real freedom, the good works of God  in your attempt to keep enslaved the angels and to destroy their good nature and to corrupt the  things and people of this world that have been saved . redeemed restored and reestablished for the Glory of Our precious Holy Spirit Who has no name yet is Mother and Father to us all – and for their safety and for the protection of children and adults belonging to our self-determined race of angels around the world.

04. A warm and cordial and sincere greeting to the World in this writ of judgment.

La Courona Mexicana Gobierno de La Teocracia y Monarquía de Espíritu Santo etLa Couronne Monde Château Versailles France de Nuestro Espíritu Santo Sin Nombre La Santa Trinidad La Monde Théocratie de l’Esprit Saint et la renaissance de Jésus-Christ et Théocratie de l’Esprit Saint – Managing world operations from the beautiful riviera at Le Siège-Château Santa Maria Mazatlan – Courona Mexicana de Espíritu Santo – the Judge and the Leader of Our Free World and System of Cooperating independent Theocracy(s) where all life is revived and changed and humans have a chance to change their start and pick themselves up from the Mason Holocaust a murderous political and religious idol worshipping female hating group that I have crushed and defeated and they are never to return.

05. And so now I deal with the supporters of these white supremacist angels from all nations and the conspiracy of lies of my sons with all hope of their repentance with all prayer and all my suffering offered of for their restoration and salvation and accepted by them of their own free will and made manifest by the transformation of their spirits and their personal goals that once opposed me and in the past opposed me and the armies of heaven.

06. Writ Authorized by Our Precious Tender Holy Spirit my Creator My Mother and Father and the Ruler of My Innermost Parts and Knower of all my past lives and every thought and emotion and ambition inside every crevice of my eternal soul et Ecrit par -Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio 1st – (Principe Adagio) (Nom Divin) JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei  Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira Adagio All.Hussayni Aga Khan V –  1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Esoritvs  – Ruling name Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft The Judge of this World and the King of Angels,

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