Press Release June 12 2014 – Orion the Archer opens for Business all rights reserved 2014

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Press Release Mazatlan Santa Maria Espíritu Santo la Casa del Mexicano – June 12 2014 – Orion the Archer opens for Business all rights reserved 2014 –  For Modern Language Association and APA style Enthusiasts this eternal document is written is written in Heaven’s MLA style  for your edification and to correct your expectations and standards that the things of Heaven must be written in earthly terms.

Written by the Holy Spirit and JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT – Eternitys Quill

This day in Eternity you are all equally blessed for you shall be reminded of me and my relationship to the Holy Spirit and I am not as good as my Holy Spirit, but work hard to protect the tender hearted angels we still have on this earth even those that go astray.   Before you all existed my Holy Spirit told me,

“The worse thing you are going to hate about existing is judging.  For as I have judged you, you must judge others.  And the reason, why you are going to hate it is because you know that each soul is sacred and without my power no angels will come to exist the way we have planned it out.

And because you know that even fallen angels came from our union and were once mystically and wonderfully made to music by us – me as the Spirit of Woman and you my Song and my Adagio and Son – the Spirit of Man –their Father– you will have trouble judging them in each of their lives.

This is because you see me in them and want to see the best of me in them.

And when fully awoken, you will come to know that we both have the same non-sexual love for our children who look at me more as God the Father,  Allah or Vishnu in the Indian Culture when in reality you are Vishnu, Allah Abba the Father and to Holy Spirit Hindus I am Brahma the Holy Spirit and the God-Diva Shiva -and the Virgin Mary and to the Greeks I am “Athena” the Goddess of Wisdom as well as all the mystical names assigned to me such as the God of no Name embraced by Islam even before the Prophet came and they too asked for a name and you gave them your own that they should not vex themselves.

They will refer to me as The Divine Wind, Everlasting to Everlasting and I Am that I Am the God of No name and when our angels ask you for a name ….tell them Existence sent you.”

Now as I have already shown you reincarnation will be a defacto institution whose mysteries I have not explained to you fully and have a right not to tell you about how many reincarnations each angel gets because the fallen angels will with time cease to exist by their own choice for nothing real exists to those that fail to acknowledge “Existence” that would be me your parent the Holy Spirit.

They will witch you and vex you with every name under a Sun and try to vex me by calling me blasphemous names and everything than what I am and desire to be, a Formless Mystery that deserves more respect than my children give me.

 And because you love all aspects of me and will always know the joy of loving me especially as the the God of No Name – the God of your beginning on earth as Adam PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI who I made miraculously from what had previously no form, you will come to enjoy judging with love and the sword, but the greatest of these is love.

When you get to the point of judging with love you will say let nothing I do offend the heavens and worlds, but they will use magic to spy on you call it Cabala and corrupt a tool ordinary scripture my laws that is not supposed to be used for anything else other than communion with me.

When you are settled in you say peace to the world’s militaries and the nations of the earth and will repeat it many times and prayerfully request it from your heart using the power I have bestowed on you and only you, the power that creates Universes, heavens, and even the occasional world.

Sarcasm has it uses with legalistic angels that will yell out at you, “You must give us the desires of our hearts”  that in reality comes from their deepest most innermost non sexual natures for it is written in their vexed hearts never to be tray their First Love “Me” for it is and shall always be your desire not to receive the sexual love of men love but their obedience and to look past their limited and cultural understanding of God.

Because of your love for me you will point them to me –the Holy Spirit– that by appearances in the Catholic Trinity that stopped teaching your mysticism and the Hindu trinity divided in two and made angels to music so that one day they could have mortal sex something they cannot enjoy in the first heaven an aspect of existence you have overcome and many ascetics in the world try desperately to do until they resort to using stimulants that if done with a right heart they will not become self righteous and still others will castrate themselves or whip the desire for sex out of their bodies.  These are not our teachings, but we accept them and embrace their desire to purify themselves and go that extra mile and are driven by instinct and by the absence of scripture that confirms their beliefs because to fallen angels – true ascetics are a real stumbling block they are like a bunch of little Holy Spirits that they cannot kill or even reach.

Now remember that verse the wages of sin is death and you will take responsibility for death (Natural Judgment) because one your a gentleman and the last thing your going to do is make eve responsible for the fall.  It was meant to be if these angels ever hope to become something in this universe and as I and you have overcome everything evil in times of expanse and eternal existences that they know not of, they will never understand that you are practically a clone of me, but remember their is only one God of no name and thats me having existed always I have no beginning, but you know that and nothing pleases me more than our animals on all the known worlds that carry life.

Judging is about caring for good people and not letting minions get away with anything.  Even angels that have lived several good incarnations can be minions and very prejudice.  Even more than “wrong sexuality”  “Prejudice” by any angel for any angel ==despite their color and looks– is a severe sign of a very fallen state no matter how good looking they are and how good of lives they think they have lived.  For by Pride will one Angel fall and mislead and deceive the many angels that you will save from unbelief incarnated in all the races if not by your quill or your always handsome good looks then by the sword.

Good looks is necessary when sexuality comes into the picture, its a hook, but for prejudice men and women, you will look comely that they will try incessantly to convince people not to desire you.

So judge from your heart and remind them of both your quill and of the sword for you know I try to remain nuetral in wars, but I must even between two sets of fallen angels fighting against each other choose and favor the lessor of evils that exists more in their hierarchies and ranks than among the infantry who follow their leaders a sign that they are soldiers and mighty angels in becoming.” END HEAVEN MLA STYLE

I hope you enjoyed that little peace of mystical writing.  I pray that it blesses your heart and un-vexes your spirits.

Written by the Holy Spirit and JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT – Eternitys Quill


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